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It looks like things are beginning to get serious in Eden of The East, but what captured my eye in this ep was the phone application that Saki and her pals had made. Blush Sticker: About two-thirds of the more active cast members have this going on, plus Saki. Medical facility Surprise: A quick scene […]

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Archive Of Higashi no Eden

The story of subversive and political intrigue in the series. Mr. Outdoors is finally untangled as the remaining Selecao attempt to outmaneuver one another. Takizawa’s memories and identity are likewise lastly revealed including his association with a former Prime Minister and his demand to be the King of Eden. Saki Morimi, a young Japanese lady […]


Higashi No Eden Script

Enjoy movies with Brave Sacrifice. Amnesiac Harshness: Overturned. The trope appears to be in full result when the friendly, goodhearted Takizawa learns he had bought the rocket attacks before he cleaned his memory, but it’s later revealed that he prevented the attacks from triggering any fatalities and then took the blame for them. At the […]

Higashi No Eden Movie

Some characters recognize as NEETs even though they are actively taken part in society. The vaguely-Biblical introduction text, later on, shows up, rather unexpectedly, in Episode 6’s background music, during the fireworks scene. Brick Joke: After the credits of the 2nd motion picture, Takizawa discovers Mr. Outside and smacks him in the face. The ED […]


Higashi No Eden Fan Club

Welcome to Higashi no Eden Fanclub. Do not hesitate to include anything associated to H.N.E!! Butt Monkey: Osugi, absolutely. He gets routinely rejected by other characters, stood up, and intoxicated to the point puking in the street throughout the abovementioned drunkenness. Saki lastly fulfills Akira, who does not remember her. He assists Saki to recover […]