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Welcome to Higashi no Eden Fan Blog. Do not hesitate to include anything associated to Higashi no Eden Movie!! Butt Monkey: Osugi, absolutely. He gets routinely rejected by other characters, stood up, and intoxicated to the point puking in the street throughout the abovementioned drunkenness. Saki lastly fulfills Akira, who does not remember her. He assists Saki to recover her lost items, after which, Saki exposes and go over the game mechanics 12 where a removed player (Number 5) had his memories wiped rather of being eliminated.

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As a film lover with a camcorder has been tailing Saki for a while. 13 He argues with Juiz over the rejection of his demands. He wants to shoot a remarkable death for Akira. 13 Juiz ultimately concedes to one of his requests, and turns the heating unit up in Akira’s room so that it blows up. Nevertheless, Akira and Saki are saved since of a last-minute call from Kuroha. When he was young, they get away to a motion picture theater that Akira often visited. 13 On the other hand, Panties and the Eden team browse Akira’s records, however, advertise that Akira is the missile terrorist, which Akira will use an Air King T-shirt to anger the general public.

Cut Apart: A very drawn out example. Osugi is intoxicated and wandering around the street just as Kuroha is strolling connected real friends are unable to contact him however eventually judge an online poster to be him by the images of his things lying around the space. A couple of episodes later it ends up the two never met on the street: the guy in the mask was. In fact, a serial rapist that stole Osugi’s things.

Bishounen: Akira, and to some degree Osugi. Generic Cuteness comes into play a bit. In the first motion picture. The best Story Never Told: Akira himself announces to Japan that he lagged Careless Monday and other terrorist attacks. Even though some don’t believe this story, few individuals know the whole truth by the end.

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