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Some characters recognize as NEETs even though they are actively taken part in society. The vaguely-Biblical introduction text, later on, shows up, rather unexpectedly, in Episode 6’s background music, during the fireworks scene. Brick Joke: After the credits of the 2nd motion picture, Takizawa discovers Mr. Outside and smacks him in the face. The ED of the anime shows Akira utilizing a Finger Gun to shoot down approaching pencil-missiles. In the last episode, he’s doing it once again as fighter jets obstruct the Tomahawks fired by Yuki. Complaining About Rescues, They Do not Like: After Akira had left the people that lived where the Careless Monday rockets would strike.

Higashi No Eden Movie

However, No. 8, a middle-aged guy, makes a cameo at the conclusion of the 2nd film during Mr. Outdoors’s closing declaration. Blessed with Suck: The are given 10,000,000,000 yen to invest in assisting ‘save’ Japan, but this negatively affects practically all their lives. Expy: It’s no coincidence that Akira looks INCREDIBLY similar to Morita Then again, Chika Umino does the character styles for Eden.

Blush Sticker label: About two-thirds of the younger cast members have this going on, plus Saki. Healthcare facility Surprise: A short scene near the end reveals Panties in a health center space, having obviously survived being run over by 1 and 10. Pictures of recognized Seleções throughout the very first movie. Number 7 is only not revealed in the anime.

Crosses over with Double Entendre, In the first motion picture, Saki sends an email to her friends saying she’s discovered Takizawa and they’re heading back to his apartment, Osugi misinterprets this. Action Survivor: Akira often gets himself into crazy scenarios, like being chased after by policies, gunfights, car mishaps and so on and frequently comes out fairly unscathed due to great luck, intuition, and resourcefulness.

Overview, Evaluations, and Cast

The app can recognize and offer information about objects and is connected to a user subscribed info database. However, for Me, It Was Tuesday: Had fun with. Yuki thinks Mononobe is pulling this on him after the video game ends because he does not understand his memories of him have been eliminated and is so offended by it that he shoots Mononobe dead. Lots of characters are naked throughout the series. However, they’re nearly exclusively slim (and not so thin) naked NEET boys with white squiggles over the fun bits.

Early-Bird Cameo: Mr. Outside makes some cameos in the series before his original debut in Paradise Lost. Rapidly to eliminate Hiura from the video game, and once again as the taxi driver that takes Saki and Micchon to the shopping center in the last episode. But the FUNimation variation used a Japanese tune in The United States and Canada due to rights concerns.

But the designated target (the Number IX trailer) makes it through. Amnesiac Dissonance: Overturned. The trope seems ultimately impact when the friendly, goodhearted Takizawa discovers he had ordered the rocket attacks before he cleaned his memory. However, it’s later exposed that he prevented the attacks from triggering any fatalities and then answered for them.

Higashi No Eden Movie

VI’s has become a Servile Snarker; the set spends the majority of their time chewing out each other. I do not desire that to occur! Phony Ultimate Hero: Seleção I encourages the Japanese federal government that he was the one who stopped the rocket attacks. Fortunately, the Japanese individuals know better. Gag Penis: Is suggested to be the case with Akira.

And if you fail, try to renounce from the Video game, or utilize the money for blatantly self-centered factors you’ll be eliminated. Dogged Good Guy: Osugi is head over heels for Saki, she, however, has no romantic interest in him whatsoever and she and Takizawa slowly succumb to each other, Osugi briefly has a Green-Eyed Monster stage, but it’s mainly past by the end of the series.

That’s all of it – the 11-episode TELEVISION series, and then the two movies. There’s likewise a recap movie for the TELEVISION series called Air Communication, but there’s no sense in seeing it if you already watched the TV series. Restroom Stall of Overheard Insults: Saki sits in one after getting food dumped in her lap to make her leave. Hair Colors: The majority of Japanese characters have reasonably dark hair, other than for Saki and her sibling, who have orange, and Kuroha who has the light blue. This is never pointed out or discussed.

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